I treasure my mornings. A warm cup of tea, and good book help me transition from the sleep world to reality. Inevitably, time passes and I must change locations and move along with my day.

In order to extend that blissful period, I need to know when the next subway will come and take me away. Checking my phone or computer pulls me into a into distracted mental state, filled with email and social media distractions. Instead, I built this MBTAtracker. The piece sits passively in my kitchen, and constantly displays the remaining minutes until a subway train arrives at my local station.

Each ‘T’ rotates to show the time remaing (think egg timer). The left T corresponds to inbound and the right to outbound. When the T is fully upside down, it signifies that a train is 15 min away. The T spins slowly until it reaches an upright position, signifying the train is arriving.

This subtle motion lets me know when to leave my house in the most delightful way.


Header photo © Sam Woolf 2017
Icon photo © Sam Woolf 2017