What I'm Doing Now

As of May 29th, 2017, I have a few things going on.

Current Average Location: Cambridge, Massachusetts
Last book I read: Too Soon Old, Too Late Smart, by Gordon Livingston
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Last great movie I watched: Whiplash
Last foreign country I was in: Guatemala, January 2017
Song on repeat: Untie My Shoelaces, by Sister Sparroe and the Dirty Birds
What keeps me busy: currently pursuing a Masters in Mechanical Engineering at Tufts University
Project I am working on: Passive Data Visualizations

Recent awesome picture:
A few doors down from me sit a pair of brilliantly tilted houses. Each seem to lean a good fifteen degreees away from the other. I'd love to add a bit of smile inducing art. Perhaps a square and arrow accross the street (where this photo was taken), inspiring others to notice the buildings. Or maybe a sculpture of the Incredible Hulk, pushing the buildings apart.

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