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A fascinating account of humankind’s trajectory. Beginning at the split of the various homo species, Harari tracks the causes of human evolution and progression. Funny how we are motivated by mostly the same things now, as 30,000 years ago.


This unique species, known by scientists as Homo floresiensis, reached a maximum height of only one metre and weighed no more than twenty-five kilograms. They were nevertheless able to produce stone tools, and even managed occasionally to hunt down some of the island’s elephants – though, to be fair, the elephants were a dwarf species as well.

(The Sumerians used a combination of base-6 and base-10 numeral systems. Their base-6 system bestowed on us several important legacies, such as the division of the day into twenty-four hours and of the circle into 360 degrees.)

One can get it in exchange for money. Money is thus a universal medium of exchange that enables people to convert almost everything into almost anything else.

Rather, cultures are mental parasites that emerge accidentally, and thereafter take advantage of all people infected by them.

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