New England is cold in the winter. Cold enough to quickly form icicles on the long hairs of my dog’s underbelly. (Cold enough for my icicle printer. Coming in 2021….).

So, I built a sauna.


The sauna can be disassembled into 6 separate panels. One floor (adventech and marmoleum), four walls with various windows and doors, and one ceiling. This added complexity lets me pack it up and plop it wherever it needs to go. As long as I can convince a strapping friend. But, usually the promise of a beer and sweat is an acceptable reward.

Here you can see the assembly of the initial 2x4 frame, before the insulation and cedar panelling went on.


The sauna can be turned on from anywhere using the Wifi connected relay I jerry rigged. Something to look forward to on the way back from a hike or ski in the White Mountains.