“Come on, man. At least add a single banana.” said the trader joes cashier, as a smile crept across his face. He was attempting to increase my grocery bill.

In the last few weeks, I’ve become a regular at the Fresh Pond Trader Joe’s, catching a semiweekly look of recognition from the morning shift employees. Not by my own doing; by the work of the devil.

My purchase is always the same. One bag of Unsalted Roasted Peanuts, $2.69. One bag of Organic Golden Raisins, $2.99. And two Gala Apples at 49 cents apiece. A wholesome work snack, peanut butter and jelly in a cup. However, each time a run my credit card, I see a flashing total: $6.66.

On the third or fourth time I stopped in for a restock, it happened to be the end of October. Halloween. As a promotion (or premonition), the card swiper changed its default beep to something more festive. So my 666 payment was followed by a minor key pipe organ progression. Buh Buh Buhhhhhh.

The devil works mysteriously.

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